It’s Too Late (Radio edit) – Fremmand


The indie rock band Fremmand’s (FO/DK) single “IT’S TOO LATE”, is the third single from the album Wrong.

IT’S TOO LATE is about feeling betrayed by the one who you thought was your best friend, but turns out to be devoid of empathy. Therefore, it is inevitable that the friendship must end, even though it is a heavy and painful decision.

The process of writing the song has been on-going for several years. The original version of IT’S TOO LATE was made in the practice room and had a heavy blues guitar-riff, pacing the song forward. The song has since then,transformed to draw on inspiration from both electro grooves and with a New Wave inspired guitar riff.

The charismatic lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, whose personality burns through both on stage and recordings, stands in front of Fremmand and gets creative backing from drummer and producer Tobias Weltzer, guitarist Sigmund Zachariassen and bassist Tinna Tótudóttir.

Similar to the self-titled debut album from 2018, the quartet explores the tension between dreams and desperation in a soundscape that relentlessly draws a line to the spherical early Goth and Post Punk, while the end result is solidly planted in the present and stretches hands forward.

IT’S TOO LATE is a transatlantic production, recorded both in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark. The song is mixed in LA by Micheal Patterson (NIN / Kanye West) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More).

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