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Recognition – Fremmand

Producer catalog: HJF712a
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


It’s Too Late (Radio edit) – Fremmand

The indie rock band Fremmand’s (FO/DK) single “IT’S TOO LATE”, is the third single from the album Wrong. IT’S TOO LATE is about feeling betrayed by the one who you thought was your best friend, but turns out to be devoid of empathy. Therefore, it is inevitable that the friendship must end, even though it is […]


WRONG – Fremmand

Finally, after two years of waiting the indierock band Fremmand (FO/DK) is ready to release their highly anticipated sophomore album Wrong via Tutl Records on Friday the 5th of February 2021. For the past two years the album has meticulously been taking shape in Aarhus (DK), Torshavn (FO) and even sunny Los Angeles. In reference […]


Run To Fire (Radio Edit) – Fremmand

“Run to Fire” (Radio Edit) is the second single from indie rock band Fremmand’s album WRONG and it features a true guitar legend! “Run To Fire” is about being true to yourself when you face challenges and not being afraid to face them and eventually bounce back stronger when on the side. The song has […]


Calling It Out – Fremmand

The nordic indierock band Fremmand (FO/DK), is releasing the single “Calling it Out”, which is a song from the upcoming album to be released later this year. The single will be released October 30, on Tutl records. Lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdottir describes the song as: “Calling it Out is about facing what is pulling youdown […]

Legendary Lover – Fremmand

New single by Fremmand – Legendary Lover feat. Peter Hayes (BRMC) “Legendary Lover is about all the things you’re ignorant about, and working through ones own misguided attempts of a fix” – Peter Hayes The nordic indierock band Fremmand, is releasing the single “Legendary Lover” May 1 on Tutl records. The song is made in […]


T-Shirt – Fremmand

Fremmand band T-shirt in black. Related to their first album released in 2018. 100 % cotton Brand: ID Identity Sizes: M, L Colour: Black