Heroine (In Memoriam) – Meejah


Since September 2017 Meejah has played a cyclic sequence around the elements of the original Korean Flag “ Taegeuk”, which derives from ancient East Asian philosophy:

Fire ☲ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Lake ☱ Water ☵ Earth ☷ Wind ☴ Heaven ☰

“Heroine (In Memoriam)” is the first single-release from their cyclical music sequence and is written over Hexagram 5 in the iChing: “Hsu” – Nourished while waiting. With Patience. Patience in grief and loss. Hsu” combines the two elements Water over Heaven”.

Songwriter and lead vocalist Mai Young Øvlisen wrote the song during a time of illness, where she lost her ability to walk. All she could do was wait for the pain to dissolve. She recorded and arranged the tracks with a microphone, a sound card, a small midi keyboard and her laptop on her chest. Like Frida Kahlo was known to paint lying on her back.

Heroine (In Memoriam) is dedicated to the Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Meejah blends elements from East and West and combines bits and parts from Korean traditional music, buddhist singing bowls, ambient electronic soundscapes, blackgaze, postrock, white noise, singer-songwriter roots and soft hip hop into the musical realm.

The band members are inspired by artists such as Nick Cave, Björk, Pj Harvey, Deafheaven, Tom Waits, Moon Dog, Daughters, Else Marie Pade, Nils Frahm and Sigur Rós.

Meejah has played concerts with the Korean post-rock band Jambinai, Lea Kampmann in Iceland, Andreas Tykjær Restorff (from Hettarher), Vomit Nation at Sirkus, Box and the Twins (DE) & Hante (FR) at Klub Æter.

Meejah will play a Soundbath Lie-down concert at this years G!festival in collaboration with 8 Faroese and Danish writers from the “Eksil Literature programme”.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Meejah
Mastering: Rune Borup
Photo: Andreas Holm


1. Heroine (In Memoriam)

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