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Queen of Spring – Meejah

Danish-Korean band Meejah is releasing their album Queen of Spring. It is a concept album written over the 8 trigrams in Korean taoism: Heaven ☰ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Earth ☷ Wind ☴ Fire ☲ Water ☵ Lake ☱ Queen of Spring explores transnational identity, new Western Asian narratives, allyship, female heritage, mythology, ancestry, loss […]


Heroine (In Memoriam) – Meejah

Since September 2017 Meejah has played a cyclic sequence around the elements of the original Korean Flag “ Taegeuk”, which derives from ancient East Asian philosophy: Fire ☲ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Lake ☱ Water ☵ Earth ☷ Wind ☴ Heaven ☰ “Heroine (In Memoriam)” is the first single-release from their cyclical music sequence and […]