Principles – TeleMama


“How you made me your tool now my friends think I’m cool but still I’m feeling like I’ve been a fool”

A soft Indie Pop song about a hungover guy with low self-esteem recalling a casual encounter with someone of the opposite sex. Taken aback and embarrassed his own behaviour whilst drunk, he’s left with regrets and questions such as “Was that even me last night?” even though the girl in question did her part in making it a night that he wouldn’t regret.

In the end he assures himself that he acted perfectly normal and has nothing to regret.

The song is a modern take on the doo-wop genre with comedic lyrics about a not-so romantic one night stand and a sweet, melodic guitar solo towards the end.

TeleMama draw inspiration from Indie Pop duo Her’s who were admired for their fun and romantic songs and use of effects on their instruments. The use of the steel bar, reverb, and harmonic singing in between verses gives the song a dreamy feel which sets the mood of the song.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

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