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About Hindsight

2022 was without a doubt a busy year for TeleMama, but little has been heard from the band in the last twelve months. Now the band finally releases another single with the name “Hindsight”.

A break from their usual uplifting and upbeat songs about being young and growing up, Hindsight delivers a rather melancholic tone and a lyrical theme regarding frustrations in a long distance relationship – a relationship in which the communication is faulty, which leads to a formation of drastic and irrational conclusions in one’s head, when in reality it all is simply based on the emotional stress of missing the other person.

Instrumentally, the song also steers away from the band’s earlier work. The main bass riff being the leading pulse of the song along with the heavy snare and kick drum is a lot more reminiscent of a The White Stripes song than their earlier happy-go-lucky indie rock songs. The chorus hits you like a truck with backing vocals, a beating synthesizer and a guitar riff playing the main melody along with the voice of lead singer, Óli Joensen.

Hindsight is a song that TeleMama have been working on for a long time and have been playing as a closer for many of their sets for the past two years, but now they finally feel like the song is ready to be released. The song is the first of many new songs that TeleMama are in the process of recording and set to release in the near future.

Released on the following formats
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on with this link: https://bfan.link/hindsight