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Wednesdays is a take on the recurring theme of being tired of the never ending cycle of working on weekdays and having fun on the weekends.

Being young and having your whole life in front of you and the pressure of making the right decisions. The sudden realization that you and everyone around you are growing up and standing by the doorstep of life-determining decisions. Repeatedly being asked questions like “What are you going to do now?” and “Are you prepared?” etc.

We all know the fear of not knowing what’s to come and the fear of picking the wrong path which makes it easy to stay put in your current stage of life which you are comfortable with. But life won’t wait. One day you’ll need to decide what you are going to make of yourself!

The lyrics are sung over a powerful Pop Rock track that means to motivate the listener and dare to make these life-changing decisions. TeleMama draws inspiration from artists like Boy Pablo and Mac DeMarco on Wednesdays, but chooses to add powerful drums and keep a high tempo. They also bring influences from 50’s jazz. The pre-chorus, for example, is almost an exact rip-off of a few of Frank Sinatra’s songs, which is hard to hear in the context of a Pop Rock song.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


Vocals: Óli Joensen

Backing Vocals: Óli Joensen, Dan Eyðun Karbech Saxov

Guitars: Óli Joensen, Hendrik Jacobsen

Bass: Ørvur Argenziano Hentze

Drums: Jákup Holm Johannesen

Synths: Dan Eyðun Karbech Saxov

Percussion: Dan Eyðun Karbech Saxov


Lyrics: Óli Joensen

Music: Óli Joensen, Hendrik Jacobsen, Ørvur Argenziano Hentze, Jákup Holm Johannesen, Dan Eyðun Karbech Saxov


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