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RÚM – Marius Ziska

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Tracks: 8

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About RÚM

With their new album, RÚM, Marius Ziska manage to take their music to yet another level of eclectic musicianship. In addition to the six-piece band that has been Marius Ziska for the past many years, this album sees a contribution by the world-renowned Rob Moose, who has composed and played the string arrangements on some of the tracks. The album is titled RÚM, which can mean both room and space in Faroese. The title captures the essence of the Faroese lyrics well, since they fluctuate between the very personal and intimate to the big existential questions of modern existence in a late modern age.

“Meðan vit bíða” is a warm embrace in the midst of a cold breeze. You can hear nature live and move in the music. It comes and goes, shows up, and leaves again with the meaning of each word.

Like painters who try to paint this one specific feeling, most likely end up painting a thousand different paintings, “Meðan vit bíða” is a piece of music and collection of words, that search for that specific feeling we most definitely all know but have a hard time describing. A description will never be the exact same feeling, but it can get you close.

The song starts out with the sentence: “I never knew what it was I felt”. The word “spiritual” has its associations and this total experience is so surrealistic that you tend to doubt it when you’re in it. But when you’re there, everything has a different light and color. “It” is there, even though you have a hard time surrendering. Like the chorus says: “It is in the light that just exists in itself. It’s in the darkness that is nothing without light. I see it sparkle in you and me today. In everything that time arranged. When love drove out the fear and we felt like we owned something living and somehow knew so well.”

Released on the following formats:
As LP and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/-rum-


Music: Hans Marius Ziska
Hans Jacob Kollslíð

Producer: Mikael Blak, Hans Marius Ziska, Heðin Ziska Davidsen

Mix & Master: Addi 800
Heðin Ziska Davidsen
Ditte Mathilda Joensen

Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming: Hans Marius Ziska
Guitar, Electronics:
Heðin Ziska Davidsen
Bass, Synths, Vocoder, Electronics: Mikael Blak

Piano, Synths: Magnus Johannesen
Guitar, Backing vocals:
Allan Tausen

Drums: Jan Rúni Poulsen

Drum Programming: Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen
Backing vocals: Marianna Winther Nagata, Katrina Olsen, Jasmin Mote

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