Portur – Marius Ziska

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Long awaited follow-up to Marius Ziska’s critically aclaimed album ‘Heim/Home’, this new release, ‘Portur’ (Faroese for ‘gate’) is solely sung in Hans Marius’ native tongue, with lyrics written by the very talented Hans Jacob Kollslíð.

‘Portur’ is a concept album about humans having two different kinds of realities, an inner and an outer, with the five senses being gates between these two realities.

The album was produced by Mikael Blak, mixed by Fred Ruddick, and mastered by Greg Calbi.

1. Silvurlín
2. Góðvarin Mynd
3. Til Kærleikan (with Guðrun & Bartal)
4. Longsul
5. Dansa Í Náttini
6. Flóttin
7. Vald
8. Ongin Er Orsøk


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