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Síggja av nýggjum – Marius Ziska


The first single of Marius Ziska’s upcoming album, Síggja av nýggjum, to be released on Tutl records in February ’22, encompasses all that we have come to know as the special Marius Ziska vibe. Sung in the Faroese it has a great melody that is very craftily carried forward from a fragile acoustic soundscape to a pulsating crescendo mixed with electronic elements. In addition to the six piece band that has comprised Marius Ziska for the past many years, this single, along with other tracks on the upcoming album, sees a contribution by the world-renowned Rob Moose, who has composed and played the string arrangement on the track. Marius Ziska is having a very extraordinary concert with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra in February 2022 and then going on a Denmark Tour in March (3rd¬¬-12th), where he will be presenting his upcoming music to the Danish nation.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

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