Mark the Messenger EP

About mark the messenger

Following the release of their critically acclaimed first two singles, Pantomime and
Say, Mark the Messenger now present their debut EP, consisting of five brand new
tracks. Mark the Messenger is an EP that could best be described as an alternative, funky take on modern pop music. The music takes us on a journey through unsuccessful love and breakups, yet told in a light and easy manner.

Mark the Messenger is a Faroese alternative pop group, exploring the possibilities
and limitations of pop. Formed in the summer of 2018 with the goal of making music that satisfies the human need of naivity and “easy-listening”, aswell as catching the elements that make the music interesting and challenging, Mark the Messenger attempt to explore and discover new sounds and feelings in an attempt to please and captivate the listener.

1. Preludium
2. Placebo
3. Pantomime
4. Buried
5. Say

Additional info:
Email: [email protected]

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.


The band consists of:
Eyðun Ranason Nolsøe, guitar
Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen, bass
Tórður Dam Jacobsen, drums
Rasmus Vigant Samuelsen, keys and vocal