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GØ’s first album is self-titled and is composed of seven instrumental composi-tions. Throughout each composition, the listener is lead through different musi-cal landscapes that the band aims to explore. The compositions by Ellefsen, Gaard and Johanneson are beautiful, quirky and humorous at times, and the band doesn’t shy away from evolving the musical material to its absolute ex-tremes. To ensure that the improvisatory nature of the music wasn’t lost in translation, the band focused on capturing the particular musical moments as they happened. This keeps the album fresh and the listener guessing what might happen next.


1   Lagnustund í lamba

2   O, Hygg! Kavin

3   Ynski mær ein nýggjan stól

4   Síðsta kvøld í klaverhelviti

5   Illamansamjólk

6   Nær kemur Godot?

7   Góður timburmannasunnudagur aftaná loysing… (og grill)

Released on the following formats:
As black vinyl record and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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