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Consequences – Marianna Winter



About Consequences

Channeling her contrasting cultural identities and once again claiming her space at the top of the Faroese r&b scene, the Los Angeles-raised lo-fi queen of the Faroe Islands, Marianna Winter is using American no-bullshit assertiveness on top of a minimalist, yet confrontational funky beat that leads her voice to the nordic dancefloor. ‘Consequences’ is the second single from her upcoming album and is followed by a gory, yet ironically funny, Tarantino-inspired music video.

“I don’t usually go around thinking about stealing puppies or ruining anybody’s life, but that deepest, darkest part of me, rooted in jealousy and feeling small, is always there, lurking.
She’s in every relationship, she’s at every party with me, and she’s got a mind of her own. It’s a part of me that I’m deeply ashamed of, but I’ve realized shaming her doesn’t make her go away, so why not embrace her? a little…
Consequences is her song, her moment to shine. Crazy or not, she’s me and I am her.”

Being constantly exposed to multiple cultures with contradicting rules and values at an early age, Winter learned to put on a mask to hide the rebel girl with a mind of her own, setting herself aside for the comfort of others. Her new single, Consequences, is about removing that mask and the shame that comes with it and embracing the imperfect woman underneath. That woman might be jealous and short-tempered, but she also gets things done and will stand up for herself and anyone she loves. Most importantly, she’s Marianna Winter.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/consequences-1

Watch the music video here:


Composers and Authors

Joakim Buddee


Ragnar Finsson


Antonio Charry


Marianna Winther Nagata

(Composer, author)


Joakim Buddee

(All other instruments)


Joakim Buddee

(Production and mix)

Finnur Hansen


Dania O. Tausen

(Cover art)

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