About voodoo

‘Voodoo’ is about that black magic that keeps you coming back when you know you shouldn’t.
With dark, chorus-heavy guitars, glittery beats, and crisp vocals, this production meshes sweet with bitterness into a big gumbo of textures, thus welcoming every dark desire that you didn’t even know you had with open arms. Describing a feeling of powerlessness that can only be caused by a magic spell.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.


Music & Lyrics, written & arranged by Marianna Winter & Pauleen
Produced by Per Ingvald Højgaard Petersen

Vocals: Marianna Winter
Drumpads, percussion & synthesizer: Per Ingvald Højgaard Petersen
Keys & Juno: Kristian Pauli Ellefsen
Guitar: Ragnar Finsson
Guitar & bass: Pauleen

Mix & Master: Finnur Hansen
Recorded in LISA Hoydal & Finnur Hansen Studio
Cover: Dania O. Tausen

Music Video:

Director and Editor: Marianna Winter
Director of Photography and Instructor: Dania O. Tausen
Styling: Marianna Winter