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Marianna Winter

Marianna Winter


Faroese/American lofi queen, Marianna Winter is one of a few female artists pioneering the new subcultural sound of Faroese underground lofi.
Being born and partly raised between Tórshavn and sunny California, Marianna challenges Faroe Island’s musical and cultural status quo, adding LA heat to the nordic sound and offers a unique perspective into both cultures. Developing her own distinctive style, Marianna’s intimate Chet Bakeresque vocals, accompanied by elegantly arranged harmonies and tape filtered, Jai Paul influenced productions, make for an interesting combination of modern and old-school.

Love and breakups are recurring themes in
Marianna’s music. By describing the universally relatable feeling of loneliness and heartache Marianna hopes to convey a sense of connectedness, ultimately bringing the audience closer together.

“I’m amazed at how, surrounded by literally billions of people, we still manage to feel lonely. But I’ve recently realized many of the things that make us feel isolated are the same things that tie us together: love, breakups, heartache, grief…It’s whether
we share these things with each other that makes the difference, so that’s what I want to write about.”

Marianna’s debut EP is expected in early 2022 with three prior single releases.
The first single “Over You” out on August 20th, describes the first stage of grief after ending a relationship: Denial.
The second single “Voodoo” out October 1st, is about that black magic that keeps you coming back even when you know you shouldn’t.