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Marianna Winter

Marianna Winter

Born beneath the Californian sun and nurtured amid the untamed beauty of the Faroe Islands, Marianna Winter embarked on her musical journey at the age of three. Early collaborations with her sister in the living room laid the foundation for a sound as diverse as her upbringing, straddling the windswept Faroese landscapes and the creative buzz of West Hollywood.

From childhood piano lessons to the influence of her uncle, the legendary Alex Van Halen, Marianna’s musical lineage runs deep. The fusion of introspective Faroese panoramas and the vibrant Californian energy permeates her genre-blending music, a symphony of alternative pop, indie rock, R&B, and soul.

In 2019, she stepped into the limelight with “For Real This Time,” heralding a trajectory that seamlessly blends genres. The 2022 debut EP, “Sorry, I’m a Libra” adds a playful touch to her repertoire, exploring themes of love, irony, and the complexities of youth.

Marianna’s 2023 singles resonated on streaming platforms and international radio, while her performances at prestigious festivals like The Great Escape, G! Festival, and Iceland Airwaves underscored her live prowess.

Looking forward, Marianna Winter is shaping her debut album for a 2024 release. Promising an intimate exploration of growing older, tackling insecurities, and embracing change, the album draws inspiration from artists like Boygenius, Daniel Caesar, and Mac Miller, showcasing Marianna’s emotional depth and versatility.

Her aspiration is clear — to forge a profound connection with her audience, offering a musical experience that transcends borders and speaks to the shared human experience. As Marianna Winter charts her course, the anticipation builds for the resonant melodies and introspective narratives that will define her debut album, promising a sonic odyssey that captivates and inspires.