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Marianna Winter

Marianna Winter

Emerging Faroese/American soul-pop singer Marianna Winter is one of the few female artists currently pioneering the lo-fi underground scene in the Faroe Islands with her gritty yet catchy pop melodies. Born and partly raised between California and Tórshavn, she challenges her homeland’s musical and cultural status quo, adding an LA heat to the quintessential Nordic sound, thus offering a unique perspective into both cultures.

Recurring themes of love, and subsequent break-ups, embed themselves into the lyrical content of Winter’s debut EP “Sorry, I’m a Libra” as her airy Chet Baker-esque vocals pair themselves with the sonic stylings of Jai Paul. Her new track Cruising and to-be-released songs dive deeper into a new understanding of who she is, analyzing her need to please others and her distrust in people’s intentions. Being in her early twenties has led to a lot of soul-searching and working out her past to better understand her present and set a course toward the future she wants.

After releasing the first single from her debut EP, she was chosen as “Ugens Upcoming” (“This Week’s Upcoming Artist”) by Bands Of Tomorrow (DK): “With her very own branch of modern R&B, Winter has carved out a piece of the market and made herself its ruler ”…“ For those of us who have missed the tradition-conscious, but at the same time forward-thinking soulful R&B, this young singer and songwriter is a gem, and a shame to miss out on.”

Winter’s debut EP was released in February 2022 and consists of 4 tracks. Other than being featured on ‘The Line of Best Fit’, the biggest online music magazine in the UK, and Bands Of Tomorrow’s (DK) as “Ugens vigtigste albumudgivelser” (“This week’s most important album releases”), the songs have also been placed on various playlists, such as: “De Nye” (Spotify, DK), “New Music Daily” (Apple Music DK), and “Now Hear This” (Spotify, UK). Besides being played on Faroese, Danish, and Norwegian radio stations.

Her newest tracks Cruising and Consequences were added to Apple Music’s New Music Daily in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and have since their release been on heavy rotation in the national radio, KVF.

Marianna made her debut festival appearance at last year’s G! Festival (FO) following a support gig in Copenhagen, at the venue RUST, and then later in August at UHØRT Festival (DK). As well as performing smaller local shows in the Faroe Islands, Winter also made her debut in the UK with a performance at The Great Escape 2023 (UK). All while releasing singles leading up to her debut album.