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Knút (Knút Háberg Eysturstein) is a musician, songwriter and singer on the Faroese music scene. He has composed, performed and released music since the turn of the millennium and his upcoming fourth album is underway.

Keywords in describing Knút’s new music are uplift, modern, psychedelic, gospel, spacious, dynamic, and heartfelt. In keeping with the conviction that the most interesting music is made from the melding of different inputs, Knút draws inspiration from a wide variety of styles and genres.

The upcoming album is produced by Knút in collaboration with Benjamin Petersen (Son of Fortune) and the band consisting of Torleik Mortensen (bass), Per Ingvaldur H. Petersen (drums) and Mattias Kapnas (keys).

Through the years Knút has toured and recorded with bands and artists such as Gestir, Marius, Petur Pólson, AVE, Tuxedo Rebels, Konni Kass, Svartmálm and Hogni. Knút has previously released three albums on Tutl (Havsglóð 2004, The Desert Holds A Flower 2009, On High 2013).

“To me, music has always been about transcendence. It’s always been my way out.” Going way back, fast forward.