Ódn – Hamferð

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Second EP by Hamferð (their first being Vilst Er Síðsta Fet from 2010). This version is a limited 100 copies root-beer marbled colour version only distributed by TUTL.

‘Ódn’, first track on the EP, was the first track that Hamferð wrote and is a live favourite for the band. The version on this EP was recorded at a live gig in Sjónleikarhúsið in Tórshavn. The second track ‘Deyðir Varðar’ is also a live version, albeit of a different kind. They recorded ‘Deyðir Varðar’ on the top of a mountain during a solar eclipse (see the video below).

Ódn is released by Metal Blade.



1. Ódn

2. Deyðir Varðar

(toal duration: 14:55)

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Black, Brown, Grey, Root Beer, White

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