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The Apocryphal Order

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The Apocryphal Order

The Apocryphal Order may no longer be a band but at least we were graced with this mighty EP. The Faroe Islands does have a very healthy metal scene – with bands such as Týr, Asyllex and Hamferð – and this relaease shows it to the full with delicious thrashy death metal to satisfy even the most picky extreme metal fan. Listen to a track like Beyond The Depraved Scope Of Salvation and you’ll know what I mean, especially once we pass the four-minute mark.



1. Beyond The Depraved Scope Of Salvation (6:17)

2. Through My Eyes (5:55)

3. Deteriorate To Gain (5:41)

4. Blood Shall Be Raining (8:54)


Released on these formats:
CD and digital album as stream/download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks. You can also press the link buttons at the bottom of the player to go to the individual streaming- and download sites such as Spotify and iTunes.