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Svartmálm’s self titled, debut record is a testomony in dark, atmospheric, Faroese black metal. It has been a very highly anticipated record by the metal community on these islands – and it delivers in full! The song Svartideyði, which is in three parts, is a twenty-plus minute beast of a song that encompasses all that Svartmálm is about.

1. Deytt Ljós
2. Vík Frá Mær
3. Reiðmenn
4. Svartideyði I: Tað Ónda
5. Svartideyði II: Mánin Litast Reyður
6. Svartideyði III: Deyðin Nærkast

Released on the following formats:
LP, CD and MC. See purchase buttons below.

Digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks.

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