Komi Heim – Anton Liljedahl


“Komi heim”, Faroese for I’m coming home is a song about finding your genuine home and identity in this world. A delineation of the life-long journey we experience searching for a place where we feel utterly alive, serene and at home.

Tired of spending his teenage years surrounded by the stressful city life in Sweden, at the age of 18, Anton decided to move to his second home, the far away and secluded Faroe Islands. A place where he had always found peace and solace.

The half Swedish and half Faroese multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer, who had been playing in numerous bands for the past 10 years decided the time had come for him to pursue his long-time dream of a solo career.

Following the release of his Debut EP in the summer of 2019, now 20 year old Anton Liljedahl is ready with his most serious production so far, taking his music to a whole new level.

The single was recorded in Studio Bloch, Tórshavn, produced by Anton himself. It was later sent to Grammy-nominated mixing engineer, Sam Gibson in Cardiff, England and subsequently mastered by Grammy-award winning Bruno Gruel in France.

Unlike a lot of Faroese music, usually inspired by the rain and misty mountains, “Komi Heim” is heavily inspired by uplifting music. Anton draws inspiration from artists like The 1975, Bon Iver, LANY and Swedish singer Veronica Maggio.

”Liljedahl is not just an amazing songwriter, though. He is also skilled in playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums. And, to make him appear even cooler, he has an amazing voice. Take all this together, and you can see a star in the making.” – Beehype

1. Komi Heim

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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