Vónarsjón – Anton Liljedahl


The single Vónarsjón is about how we as humans romanticize the past and the present to keep ourselves from letting go. “Vón” is Faroese for hope, and “sjón”, means sight. Together the two words create the unique word: “Vónarsjón”, directly translated into hopefull sight. Closest English translation being illusion. We hope and long for things to be as they once were, but nothing ever stays the same. The song tries to capture the essence of letting go and learning to do so.

The song was recorded in Studio Bloch, Tórshavn, by Anton and Theodor Kapnas. It was later sent to Svenska Gramofonstudion, Göteborg where it got mixed and mastered.

This autumn Anton plans to record an EP in Svenska Gramofonstudion, which will feature 5 new tracks in the same style as Vónarsjón.

1 – Vónarsjón

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