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Anton Liljedahl


Saman við tær – Anton Liljedahl

Tracks: 1   Saman við tær Released on the following formats: Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.


Komi Heim – Anton Liljedahl

“Komi heim”, Faroese for I’m coming home is a song about finding your genuine home and identity in this world. A delineation of the life-long journey we experience searching for a place where we feel utterly alive, serene and at home. Tired of spending his teenage years surrounded by the stressful city life in Sweden, […]


Vónarsjón – Anton Liljedahl

The single Vónarsjón is about how we as humans romanticize the past and the present to keep ourselves from letting go. “Vón” is Faroese for hope, and “sjón”, means sight. Together the two words create the unique word: “Vónarsjón”, directly translated into hopefull sight. Closest English translation being illusion. We hope and long for things […]