In A Field (EP) – Eli Tausen á Lava


In his sophomore album ‘In a Field’, Eli Tausen á Lava uses his minimal musical language to convey a broad range of personal experiences and associations — ranging from his time spent between the Faroe Islands and Sweden to nostalgic memories of childhood films and video games. The illustrative titles of his pieces imbue the music with meaning and provide the listener with a way to connect to it.

While stillness and simplicity remain the principal flavours of ‘In a Field’, Eli Tausen á Lava has started to approach a more post-classical style, writing shorter, more melodic pieces and incorporating electronic elements to create a richer atmosphere. Still, the lush harmonies, clear form and use of polymetry and repetition that define his musical aesthetic are as apparent as ever.

Because of a type of associative synaesthesia, Eli Tausen á Lava experiences his music as having various colours. As opposed to the deep purple tones of his debut album ‘Impressions’, he feels ‘In a Field’ has a distinctly vibrant sky-blue colour — something he illustrates in the album’s cover art, which depicts a sky-blue field under a pink sky.

1   Sorgenfri
2   Dimmi
3   Heart
4   Garden of Eden
5   That Moment
6   Nýbyrjan
7   Glaciers
8   Watching Fireflies
9   Kilimanjaro
10 In a Field

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