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Eli Tausen á Lava


In A Field (EP) – Eli Tausen á Lava

In his sophomore album ‘In a Field’, Eli Tausen á Lava uses his minimal musical language to convey a broad range of personal experiences and associations — ranging from his time spent between the Faroe Islands and Sweden to nostalgic memories of childhood films and video games. The illustrative titles of his pieces imbue the […]


Kilimanjaro – Eli Tausen á Lava

A quietly resolute piano gradually transforming into a powerful ambient atmosphere is what defines the second single from Eli Tausen á Lava’s upcoming post-classical album. Named after the highest mountain in Africa, ‘Kilimanjaro’ signifies the importance of perseverance and remaining steadfast in one’s commitment. “This piece didn’t originally have anything to do with determination,” Eli […]


Heart – Eli Tausen á Lava

The first single from Eli Tausen á Lava’s upcoming post-classical album is a dramatic and passionate homage to some of his most nostalgic childhood memories. “When I was little, I loved playing video games,” he explains, “and my favourite video game was called Kingdom Hearts. I was obsessed with its story, its characters and its […]


Impressions – Eli Tausen á Lava

Eli Tausen á Lava invites you to disconnect from the constant buzz of the world and step into the lingering minimal atmospheres of Impressions, his debut album, which is set to be released on the 24th of July 2020 through the Faroese record label TUTL. Impressions provides its listeners with a neutral space to experience […]