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Kári Sverrisson (vocal, acoustic guitar, tambourn, violin, moog, percussion, bass)

Hans Jacob Kollslíð (vocal, acoustic and electric guitar)

Jens L. Thomsen (electric bass, moog)

Mikael Blak (double bass and fretless electric bass)

Eyðun Lamhauge (accordion)

Óli Olsen (rhodes, grand piano, church organ)

Bass Naji (percussion)

Brandur Jacobsen (drums)




Compositions by Hans Jacob Kollslíð and Kári Sverrisson. Poems by Hans Jacob Kollslíð, Christian Matras (1900-1988) and Chinese T’ang poets Li Po (701-762), Wang Wei (701-761), Chang Hu (8th-9th Century), Tu Fu (712-770) and Po Chü-I (772-846). English translations are included in the booklet.


The recordings were made by Jens L- Thomsen, Regin Toftegaard, Agnar Lamhauge and Kári Sverrisson at varoius locations in the Faroe Islands. Mixed by Jens L. Thomsen Innan Glyvur and in Støkumørk Studios, London. Track No. 12 was mixed by Finnur Hansen and Kári Sverissson.

Mastered by Finnur Hansen.

Acrylic paintings by Beinta Hansen.

Photographs of paintings : Philippe Carré.

Made ready for print by Justin Philbrow and Hans Jacob Kollslíð.

Released by TUTL