Eystanduni – Kári Sverrisson & Hans Jacob Kollslíð

kr. 95


Kári Sverrisson and Hans Jacob Kollslíð have again collaborated to make a special brew of folk music. This time they have made music to old Chinese poems from the T’ang period, which were translated into Faroese back in 1976 by H.D. Joensen.

1.   Samrøða fjalla millum (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
2.   Buddha-friðskjólið handan P’o-shan-templið og Ferskjuvíkin (Ch’ang Chien/Chang Hsü/H.D. Joensen/Hans Jacob Kollslíð)
3.   Einsumøll (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
4.   Loystur frá mær sjálvum og Ørindi (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
5.   Eitt várkvøld á báti á Jo-yeh-vatninum (Chi-Wu Ch’ien/H.D. Joensen/Hans Jacob Kollslíð)
6.   Við gluggan (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
7.   Mánalýsi í skarðinum (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Hans Jacob Kollslíð og Kári Sverrisson)
8.   Kanska og Til tín (Ónevndur/Hans Jacob Kollslíð og Kári Sverrisson)
9.   Hugsi um Hsing eitt summarkvøld í syðra skálanum (Meng Hao-Jan/H.D. Joensen/Hans Jacob Kollslíð)
10. At drekka einsamallur undir mánanum (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
11. Náttina eftir bardagan (Li Po/H.D. Joensen/Kári Sverrisson)
12. Ein bygd við ánna Wei (Wang Wei/ H.D. Joensen/Hans Jacob Kollslíð)

Released on the following formats:
“Eystanduni” is released on CD and digitally, and will be available on LP later in spring, 2019.
Check out the record on the player below where you can hear one full song and snippets of the rest.

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