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Eyði Horsdal

Eyði Horsdal is a Faroese artist exploring simplicity in songwriting with a heartfelt attention to subtleties that invites for an intimate and immersive experience. Stripping away layers hindering stark honesty, Eyði’s music strives to give, learn and simply be. Eyði grew up in the Faroe Islands with a family and a culture in love with songs and sing-alongs. Eyði learned by listening and playing along to his favourite records including Paul Simon,
Leonard Cohen, Teitur and more. With a unique melodic voice and a deep appreciation for the art of songwriting Eyði’s upcoming debut album, Songs with Eva, reveals relatable and charmingly melodic songs with a timelessness, yet present and fleetingly momentary at once.
There is a closeness and a depth in the music with innovative engineering and performance ideals and often with a warm and natural sound. Close your eyes and listen, and you will feel like you are there. – In that cosy living room with the old wooden floors and walls with the sound of wind and rain gently sweeping through.

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