Royni enn at gloyma – Benjamin Rajani

Producer catalog: HJF662a
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


Royni enn at gloyma

Step into the hauntingly beautiful world of “Royni enn at gloyma” (EN: “Still trying to forget”) – the first single from Benjamin Rajani’s long-awaited upcoming debut album: “Tá hvørt ljós líkist tær” (EN: “When every light looks like you”).

This emotionally charged indie-folk tune, featuring a blend of banjo, guitar, and horns, paints a vivid picture of the heartache that comes with trying to forget someone you love, while desiring to embrace a new future.

Benjamin Rajani is a gifted Faroese singer/songwriter with a distinct flair for moving poetry and captivating melodies. His music is characterized by Nordic melancholy and is inspired by artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Rós. In a 2023 review of his performance at the internationally acclaimed G! Festival, the Faroese National Broadcast Company, KVF, wrote: “Benjamin has a true X-factor that is hard to describe… it is interwoven with atmosphere, charm, and fundamental musicality.”

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Royni enn at gloyma

Words & music: Benjamin Rajani

Eg royni enn at gloyma, at tú segði,
eg var tín,
bara tín.

Eg royni enn at gloyma tað, eg hevði;
tú vart mín,
bara mín.

Elskaði alt,
summarið, veturin –
saman við tær.
Sakni enn alt,
heystið og várið við,
saman við tær.

Eg royni enn at gloyma tað, eg føldi,
tá tú helt
fast í mær.

Eg royni enn at gloyma teg um kvøldið,
tá hvørt ljós
líkist tær.

Gloymi ikki teg –
hugsar tú um meg?

Mær er fortalt,
summarið, veturin
finst uttan teg.
Gev mær so alt,
heystið og várið við –
sjálvt uttan teg.

Eg royni enn at gloyma tað, eg hevði;
tú vart mín,
bara mín.


Composers and Authors

Benjamin Rajani

(author, composer)


Benjamin Rajani

(vocals, guitars)

Esben Svane

(Banjo, drums, keys, bass)

Birita Dam

(backing vocals)


Esben Svane

(production, mixing, horn arrangements)

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