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About Reytt Pass

An album by Faroese resistance rock legends, 200, where they – after almost twenty years as a band – show that they have lost neither edge nor melody. The fight for national independence, and the fight against corruption, is stronger than ever.

The album title, Reytt Pass (Faroese for “red passport”), refers to the option the Faroese people have, to change their passport from Danish/EU (i.e. red in color) to Faroese. The Faroe Islands – though self governed – are still under Danish rule, and the Faroese people are split down the middle on the issue of independence. 200 – ever the humorists – poke where they know there is a sore spot.

The red vinyl includes a CD.

1     Anus Reins
2    Stuttligari Fyrr
3    Heini Hatar
4    Punkurin Frá Helviti 666
5    Kristin Dómur
6    Red Sonja
7    Reytt Pass
8    Fingurin Út
9    Sangurin Um Integritet Og At Selja Sína Sál
10  Makt 2
11   Einkultbillett
12  Bei Kaj

Released on the following formats
As LP (with CD) and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link:


Composers and Authors

Niels Arge Galán

(composer, author)

Mikael Blak

(composer, author)

Uni Árting

(composer, author)

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