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Reyvheart – 200

kr. 160

Producer catalog: HJF600
Tracks: 12

Release date: 24. June 2023

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About Reyvheart

“Reyvheart”, the 7th studio album from Faroese Separatist and Anti-homophobia band 200. The themes are all too familiar from the band once said to sound like “In the Ghetto meets Motorhead as played by the Sex Pistols”: Double standards about Gay rights and the rape of Faroese natural resources by international corporations are some of the themes on the album.

200 are alive and kicking, with tracks like ass-kicking “Skamband” and “Reyða tablett” (red pill), to the more melodic and sensual “Leðurhúsið” and the definitive FUCK YOU to the evil, homophobic Christian fundamentalist party in the last song “Seinasta heilsanin”.

1. Ilt í fyrstani
2. La familja
3. Leðurhúsið
4. Legiónin
5. Skamband
6. DieselPornoTálgSatan
7. Norðurtýsk pornokiosk
8. Skótashit
9. Punkurin frá Helviti fokking sieben
10. Reyða tablett (Reyvtablett)
11. Seinasta heilsanin
12. Punkurin frá Helviti fokking sieben (Radio Edit)

Released on the following formats
As LP and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/reyvheart

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Composers and Authors

Niels Arge Galán

(author, composer)

Mikael Blak

(author, composer)

Uni Árting

(author, composer)


Niels Arge Galán

(guitar, vocals)


Mikael Blak


Uni Árting


Benjamin Petersen

(recording, mix)

Raelynn Janicke


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