Liveless – Marbles Lost


I lived too little…

The song Live-Less is about social media addiction. It is clearly visible in the music video, which you definitely should not watch if you suffer from epilepsy.

In the video, Maria Mercedes appears with two girlfriends like Medusas with snakes in their hair, snake eyes and a mesmerizing vibe that can turn men into stone.

The video was made at Maria Mercedes’ home on Amager, where it was all filmed in front of a green screen. The video consists of a mix of clips in front of the green screen and a lot of screen shots from both smartphone and computer.

“I wanted the video to have a mesmerizing – almost brainwashing effect. It’s important to me to get the message of the song through: That we young people, my generation and the Gen Zs, should remember that life is so much more than what you post on instagram. 2020 was a really tough year and I think many, especially now, have had a really complicated relationship with social media. 2020 completely erased all Fear Of Missing Out. Because you just sat at home with the knowledge that everyone else does too. This has made it harder to project the “Perfect Life” online. Which I think could be an advantage for how we use social media in the future” says Maria Mercedes about the video.

The theme of the video is inspired by the Faroese rap group’s Swangah’s song Gentan Er Farlig, where they sing about a “delicious bitch” who is a “Faroese Medusa”.

Maria Mercedes has also based the video on the concept of “Social Medusa” which is introduced by Shubham Goel from the Netflix series The Circle.

“It was almost impossible not to take the Social Medusa concept as an inspiration. It’s funny because I saw The Circle in January 2020, before all the Corona madness. The Circle is a social experiment about becoming an Influencer. Participants are locked into an apartment where their only company is a screen called The Circle. Here they can communicate with each other, and then have to find out together who among them is a Catfish. Shubham Goel calls social media “Social Medusa”

Shubham Goel: ,,If you look at it from a health standpoint, all the reports are conclusively saying that going on social media is having a negative effect on our mental health. (…) I think influencer culture is really terrible. It’s turned into a paycheck, and they don’t really care about the audience anymore. It’s a front for a lot of people; a highlight reel. We all do it; that’s why I call social media “social Medusa,” because we’re all part of it, we’re all at fault. No matter where you come from, it’s hurting your mental health. I do think something has to change.”

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