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Marbles Lost


Liveless – Marbles Lost

I lived too little… The song Live-Less is about social media addiction. It is clearly visible in the music video, which you definitely should not watch if you suffer from epilepsy. In the video, Maria Mercedes appears with two girlfriends like Medusas with snakes in their hair, snake eyes and a mesmerizing vibe that can […]


Montage Song (Boys Should Cry) – Marbles Lost

Men are allowed to cry. In relation to the International Men’s Day 2020, Marbles Lost are ready with they new single Montage Song (Boys Should Cry). Montage Song is a music montage that screams of nostalgia and recommends men and boys to let go and get in touch with their feminine side. ,,For me, Montage […]


Hazy – Marbles Lost

Hazy is the title of Marbles Lost’s new single. It’s their 5th single, and the 1st one with the new band member: René Thorny. With Hazy they have spent quite a bit of time on finding the right balance between folk and electronica. On the electronic part Hazy is a song about love. It is […]


Sumthin – Marbles Lost

Marbles Lost is ready with her next single ‘Sumthin’, which is a tribute to female sexuality, but at the same time an outcry that we as a society must stop shaming women for being sexual beings. Marbles Lost is Faroese Maria Mercedes Lindenskov. The name originates from the English saying: ,,To lose one’s marbles”, which […]


EnterTrouble – Marbles Lost

‘EnterTrouble’ is the name of Marbles Lost’s debut EP. It’s recorded in Studio Bloch in the Faroe Islands. The first track on the EP is called “Trouble”, which is exactly what you enter when you listen to the whole EP. Here you’ll be questioning society’s rules and standards in the ballad ‘Burst Bubble’, to wanting […]

Frítt Val – Marbles Lost

Frítt Val was release as a digital single in 2019. On the 28th of September 2021 the song was released on a 7″ Vinyl. Side A: Sumthin Side B: Frítt Val The Record includes a leaflet with testimonies from Faroese persons with uteri who went through an abortion. The leaflet has been gifted by @rpmrec @frittvalfo graphics […]


Fanny Pack – Marbles Lost

Marbles Lost Merchandise. Fanny Packs in Green, Pink or Grey.


T-Shirt – Marbles Lost

Marbles Lost T-Shirt Colour: Dark pink Size: S, M, L, XL