I Built You A Theatre – Fróði Bjarnason

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About I Built You A Theatre

”I Built You A Theatre” is the first single from the artist Fróði Bjarnason since the release of his debut album “Stationary Things” (2021). Distancing itself from the orchestrally-arranged songs from the debut album, “I Built You A Theatre” stands in sharp contrast to the artist’s previous work. The single exists as a testament to musical restraint and minimalism, consisting merely of the artist’s intimate, subdued vocals and a fingerpicked electric guitar – which is accompanied by a soft trumpet in the latter half of the song.

Attempting to capture and pay tribute to the intimacy and imperfections often found within the works of artists such as Nick Drake, The Tallest Man on Earth and the early works of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, the entirety of the song’s vocal and guitar performance was recorded live in the basement studio of Benjamin Djurhuus’s dBStudio in the village of Syðrugøta. The trumpet section was written, arranged, and recorded by Norwegian musician Idar E. Pedersen at his home in Oslo, Norway.

The lyrical aspect of “I Built You A Theatre” stands in contrast to the sparse instrumentation of the single, having the protagonist make sweeping statements relating to creative endeavours made in honour of the song’s receiver – the muse. The chorus of the song stands as an antithesis to the stream-of-consciousness and erratic structure of the verses, acting as a brake pedal to the protagonist’s overly ambitious creative outpouring found within the verses.

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I Built You a Theatre

Words: Fróði Bjarnason
Music: Fróði Bjarnason

So I built you a theatre
so that you can stage your play
each and every Saturday
because we all want to see the way you occupy a stage
in all your splendor and your grace

And I will write you a movie
so I can cast you as the lead
then you can show us what we need
and how we’re really able to reach the potential only you can see
At least that’s what you said to me
before you turned over the leaf
that I was hiding underneath
because I found it hard to breathe
through the gaps between my teeth

It’s easy to let go and drown, my dear
It’s easy to keep adding up
Just follow where the light outshines your fear
Don’t keep all of your windows shut

And I might write you a record
and let it float out on a wing
name it Stationary Things
and ask the question “what is movement?”
But every line leads back to her
and I don’t want to be absurd
there’s nothing left there to observe
still I get lost inside my words
Close the chapter and get back to work

It’s easy to let go and drown, my dear
It’s easy to keep adding up
Just follow where the light outshines your fear
Don’t keep all of your windows shut

And I might leave you lonely
Accepting all of your mistakes
Learn how to appreciate
Your lack of splendor and your quiet grace


Composers and Authors

Fróði Bjarnason

(composer, author)


Fróði Bjarnason

(vocals, electric guitar)


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