Stationary Things – Fróði Bjarnason

Producer catalog: HJF485
Tracks: 8


Stationary Things is an album by the artist Frodi Bjarnason. The songs within the album deal with some of the most universal subjects there are, such as love and loss, while also dealing with some of the more complex emotions and experiences that are a part of the human experience, including self-destructive tendencies, existentialistic ponderings, how mental afflictions can affect the very core of a person & any-and-all relationships. Within the album, the artist invites you on a non-chronological journey through experiences that might befall any person, regardless of situational circumstances.

The album begins with the soft and mellow Infinitely Forever, a song musing on the small and seemingly insignificant aspects of a romantic relationship. To emphasize the non-chronological structure of the album, Diary, the second song on the album, deals with the anxiety and thoughts surrounding any amount of success that can befall an individual, who deem themselves unworthy of it. By the final song of the album, Stationary Things, the artist ties a bow on the experiences and the stories that have been told, summarizing everything with the line: I don’t know what will bring movement to all stationary things.

Written and arranged by Fróði Bjarnason and his band, the album Stationary Things offers a broad musical experience. The fusion between the acoustic singer/songwriter sounds and the larger-than-life musical impact of the band, creates an inviting, familiar, and yet challenging musical experience that offers an intriguing mixture of musical craftsmanship alongside content-rich, introspective, and questioning lyrics.

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