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Frodi Bjarnason


I Built You A Theatre – Fróði Bjarnason

Producer catalog: HJF620a
Tracks: 1


Stationary Things – Fróði Bjarnason

Producer catalog: HJF485
Tracks: 8


Diary – Frodi Bjarnason

Diary is a song dealing with the thoughts and preconceptions one might have when dealing with creative work. Lyrically, the song is written in a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ style, all the while being backed up by consistently building and driving music, that mirrors the messy and incoherent thought-processes that make up the environment the song is written […]


Infinitely Forever – Frodi Bjarnason

Infinitely Forever is a traditional love song, dealing with the smaller aspects within a relationship and how they make up the bigger picture in the relationship. It’s a song about complete surrender and the process of letting one’s emotions take control of one’s decisions, wishes, and what one perceives as being possible. Released on the […]