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Ephemeros (Short Lived).
Grasping all walks of life, and the few years we have on earth.
Ephemeros centers around our choices in life, and our journey towards the grave… And afterwards.

After releasing their debut album in 2017 which was mainly inspired by the 80s thrash metal era, Asyllex started the writing process of Ephemeros. Looking into a more original musical path, not limited to any specific sub genre, in the metal universe.

Ephemeros is a culmination of all of the band’s musical inspirations. From Ballads, to full-blown thrash songs. Epic symphonic arrangements, and black metal inspired somber melodies.

Asyllex teamed up with composer Clemens Wijers for orchestral arrangements.
Musically, the goal was to take the listener on a journey, through life from the very beginning to the untimely end. Experiencing life and death, through different perspectives and legacies. Witnessing that, ultimately, we all wither away, and only have this short time, to make good of.

After searching for over a year for an artist to make the perfect artwork for the album, Asyllex reached out to infamous visual artist Marcelo Vasco, who based on the concept and lyrics of the album formed a perfect visual representation of the music.

This album has been a passion project for a long time, and is finally able to see the light of day, thanks to help of Arvid Tjelta. Asyllex is very eager, to share this album with the world.


1 Lost Life
2 Soul
3 Dark Pursuit
4 Welcome To The Night
5 Endless Greed
6 Bite
7 Concrete Shoes
8 Frostbitin
9 Wither
10 Sleep Walker
11 Spirits
12 Kyrra
13 Tranquility
14 The Murder
15 Beyond Life And Death

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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