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In the spirit of Supervisjón this track deals with one of the many absurdities of modern living.

We ask ourselves: is it possible to create a track about going to the bank and asking for a loan? So instead of a voice saying: get your booty out on the dance floor!, which would be fitting for a track like this, the voice says: You can get a loan! It’s this situation when you’re sitting with your bank advisor, and they all of a sudden without warning say: Maybe you’ll die, maybe you’ll have a crisis – you need insurance – confronting you with your own mortality. We go to work every day. To pay for stuff, food and a place to live. If we are lucky we get to loan money from the bank for a house or an apartment. To be validated for a loan, is to be validated as a person. I have not had many meetings with my bank, but every time I have, they tell me the same thing: that I might die.

In this track it’s almost like the statement ‘YOU CAN GET A LOAN!’ in a spooky and devilish way becomes synonymous with ‘COME ON LET’S DANCE!’

The unemployment rate in the Faroe Islands is close to zero, which on one hand is a postive thing, but nobody seems to question what this sort of work culture does to the individual and the collective human soul. So – should we dance with devil and take a loan? Are we workers, are we dancers?

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Words: Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger
Music: Lasse Thorning Jæger

tit kunnu taka eitt lán
mánaðarligt gjald
skiftandi renta
gjaldið kann hækka og lækka
hvørjar treytir vilja tit seta fyri lánið?
tit skulu arbeiða
vit ordna restina
tað er onki problem
kanska tit koma í eina kreppu
kanska ein av tykkum doyr
tað er onki problem
tit skulu hava trygging
tit skulu fara til arbeiðis
hvønn dag
tit skulu fara til arbeiðis


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Theresa Shaska

(mix, mastering)

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