What A Crazy World (feat. Alain Apaloo) – MonkeyRat

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What A Crazy World (feat. Alain Apaloo)

When one thinks of the state of the world in 2024, what comes to mind is – wars, violence, anger, out-of-control humans losing their minds, death, destruction, inflation, elections, crisis, AI, earthquakes, floods, environmental collapse, volcanic eruptions, fires – Year of the Dragon!
In the words of Ian Bremmer, “the Voldemort of years; the annus horribilis; the year that must not be named”. The storm before the calm – a far cry from Satchmo’s, “What a Wonderful World”.
In other words – what a crazy world, hence the inspiration for Anna to release this song during these crazy times of humankind’s insanity, insatiable quest, and lust for power. One redeeming factor in all of this is the art of expression through words, which sheds light on the darkness that ultimately, humans must experience the pang of birthing a better world.
For this song, MonkeyRat goes in reverse taking us back to 1969 with Alain Apaloo’s virtuosic and nostalgic psychedelic rock n roll riffs into overdrive with his 2 spectacular guitar solos blasting and hailing with Anna’s vocals. Alain’s talent shined brightly when he recently played with
Eric Clapton and Kurt Rosenwinkel at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in Los Angeles. MonkeyRat captures the spirit of this turbulent era with this bold political and social commentary in 2024.
“What a Crazy World”: Psychedelic dive into chaos by MonkeyRat – SlASH MUSIC
“In their latest music video “What a Crazy World”, MonkeyRat captures the turbulent spirit of our times with a bold return to the psychedelic sounds of the 60s and 70s.”

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What A Crazy World

Words: Anna Iachino
Music: Anna Iachino

As they rule
Made us all out to be fools
Define and take your own space
Let no one and no thing – interfere
There ‘s only love and fear
As we face ourselves face to face
Know that we are One
The human race
Forget the lines
The man-made maps
Look at all the man-made – crap
All them man-made facts
Generational gaps
and man-made mishaps
Oil spills
As man kills
Everything in sight
Short sighted
Wars ignited
Set all aflame
Like Hitler’s and Nero’s
Man-made fires
All man-made empires
What A Crazy World!
What A Crazy World!
The only way out…


Composers and Authors

Anna Iachino

(author, composer)


Anna Iachino

(vocals, drone, triangle electronics)

Alain Apaloo



Óli Poulsen


Louise Nipper

(recorded & mixed)

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