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GØ was formed in 2015 by four young musicians from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Influenced by 70’s rock music and free jazz, GØ’s music has been praised for its originality and differs from anything else currently on the Faroese music scene. For the last couple of years GØ has been based in Aarhus, Denmark, and the band’s music has continued to intrigue audiences with its exciting energy and sometimes humoristic character.

GØ is sometimes said to be the “new thing” on the Faroese jazz scene. At the 40th anniversary concert for Havnar Jazzfelag (The Thorshavn Jazz Association), the band was invited to play as a representative for the future of Faroese jazz music. One review was as following: “Gø is one of the most exciting young band’s on the Faroese music scene at the moment. Gø’s music encapsulates the listener with talented performances and the sheer joy the band displays while playing.”

Gø could be described as a rock quartet and consists of:

Ólavur Eyðunsson Gaard (Guitar)
Kristian Pauli Ellefsen (Keys)
Árni Jóhannesson (Bass)
Hjørtur Pætursson Háberg (Drums)

The music is primarily written by Gaard and Ellefsen.

GØ’s first album is self-titled, and is composed of seven instrumental compositions. Throughout each composition the listener is lead through different musical landscapes the band aims to explore. The compositions by Ellefsen, Gaard and Johannesen are beautiful, quirky and humorous at times, and the band doesn’t shy away from evolving the musical material to its absolute extremes.

To ensure that the improvisatory nature of the music wasn’t lost in translation, the band focused on capturing the particular moments in which the music happens. This keeps the album fresh and the listener guessing what might happen next.

The beautiful vinyl artwork was made by Kirstin Helgadóttir, and the album is available on vinyl and as digital release.