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“Gø is one of the most exciting young band’s on the Faroese music scene at the moment.”

“Gø’s music encapsulates the listener with talented performances and the sheer joy the band displays while playing.” – (Havnar Jazzfelag)

GØ is a dynamic jazz group hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Tórshavn, Faroe
Islands. Founded in 2015 by a quartet of audacious young musicians, GØ breathes life
into the music scene with their rebellious spirit and boundary-breaking compositions.
Drawing inspiration from the sixties and seventies, GØ’s music transports listeners to a
bygone era while infusing it with a contemporary edge. Their eclectic sound fuses
elements of jazz, rock, and cinematic influences like film noir and spaghetti westerns,
resulting in a unique auditory experience.

Since the release of their first album “GØ” (2020, I TUTL), the band and its sought-after
musicians have become a vital part of the rapidly growing Faroese music scene. GØ
captivates audiences with every performance through their infectious energy and flair
for experimentation. The group’s seamless interplay keeps listeners on the edge of their
seats, always eager to see what will happen next.

GØ’s debut album offered a fresh, modern take on the free jazz genre, drawing
significant local attention and establishing the band as a key player in the Faroese jazz
scene. Now, four years later, GØ is set to release their second album, “Ævir, amen.”

Gø could be described as a rock quartet and consists of:

Ólavur Eyðunsson Gaard (Guitar)
Kristian Pauli Ellefsen (Keys)
Árni Jóhannesson (Bass)
Hjørtur Pætursson Háberg (Drums)
Sjúrður Zachariassen (Saxophone)