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Ester Skála

Ester Skála

The redheaded girl with big curly hair is Ester Skála, which she keeps as her artist name.

She is an independent artist and is fully Faroese. She has written songs since she was at the age of 13.  Music has always had a big place in Ester’s heart and has sung since she can remember. Music is her way of expressing her feelings, especially through melody.
Music leaves her with a passionate and ecstatic feeling, yet with an uplifting feel.

Ester’s lyrics are usually simple, yet poetic, expressionistic, love-based and speaks about lives situations.

She usually writes all the lyrics and melody herself. Her genre of music is mostly pop music, but she delves into genres such as Electronic, Alternative, Indie and singer-songwriter.

Her breakthrough year was when she was at the age of 15, when she for the first time showed off her music to the public. She was well received and has performed in several places since in the Faroe Islands.

Click on the link below to take a look and have a listen to one of Ester’s releases.

Streaming: https://backl.ink/146401002

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