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Alda Magna

The musicians, living on the Faroe Islands, in Iceland and Denmark, navigate through original compositions, rich on atmosphere, and improvised abstract soundscapes including associations to many styles of music as: historical music,contemporary music, jazz, folklore, rock. The original band was founded on Faroe Islands in 2009 and Alda Magna released 3 CD’s and one LP.

Current Crew:

Arnold Ludvig (bass)
Rógvi á Rógvu (drums, percussion)
Kim Kristensen (piano, synthesizers)

Former members and other musicians involved in the releases:

Leivur Thomsen (guitar)
Bjarki Meitil (bass)
Thomas Agergaard (saxophone)
Anna Maria Olsen (vocal)
Eyð Lín Patursson á Rógvu (vocal)

Unn Paturson (vocal)

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