Uncover the Truth – Katrin á Borg

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“Uncover the Truth” is the name of Katrin á Borg’s debut EP. Five songs, all in English, who basically are about love and struggle, the good and the bad in people’s everyday life.
After releasing her first singles “Fading Lovehearts” (2016) and “My Heart Cries” (2017), she began working on finishing the songs for this EP.

Still based in Oslo, and due to other circumstances, she was on the outlook for a new producer based nearby to work with. The talented guitarist, Espen Tappel, also a former music student at Høgskolen i Staffeldtsgate, was now producing as well, and a collaboration began. With a new producer she decided to take a slightly different turn musically compared to the previous two singles. The musical universe in these songs are overall more acoustic, organic and soulful, with the slightly more rhythmical challenges and the rich cords making it perhaps a little more complex.

The music is recorded in Bedehuset Studio in Grimstad, Norway, in January 2019 and the vocals are recorded in Tappeluft Studio in Oslo, Norway, in February 2020.

Lyrics & Music: Katrin á Borg
Arrangements: Espen Tappel
Recorded in Bedehuset Studio og Tappeluft Studio (Grimstad/ Oslo, Norway)
Producer: Espen Tappel
Mixing: Ruben Dalen
Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Mastering
Cover art: Durita Hansen, Illustratiónir
Photographer: Photography by Sem Johnsson

Katrin á Borg: lead vocals, backing vocals
Jens Andreas Kleiven: backing vocals
Torjus Vierli: keyboards, piano, Rhodes, Mellotron, synthesizers
Espen Tappel: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, percussions, programming.
Ruben Fredheim Oma: bass
Ruben Dalen: drums, percussions, synthesizers
Jonas Kilmork Vemøy: trumpet

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Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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