Um eg var hon (EP) – Gudny


After playing her songs in the kitchen for a lifetime, Gudny decided it was time to take it one step further. The result thus far is the debut release UM EG VAR HON (If I were her), an EP with five songs, two of them released as singles.

Writing lovesongs is quite the cliché, right? Still this magnetic univese of abundance wooes the creative mind, with it’s vast complexity, yet simplicity to the core. The yearning to love and be loved.
The lyrics traverse through survival in the hurt of replacement, insecurity in relationships and moments of bliss, into the cold swamp of depression awaiting clearance.
Here we have productiondiversity – is that even a word? it should be – for with Hans Poulsen’s keen hand on the project, each song has got it’s own unique mood, sound and feel to it.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

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