Tornið við heimsins enda – Ólavur Jacobsen, Oddur Jacobsen & Jóhann Petur Andreasen

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About Tornið við heimsins enda

Tornið við heimsins enda is a project by Ólavur Jacobsen, Oddur Jacobsen & Jóhann Petur Andreasen. The music was composed from artworks by William Heinesen and was released on LP and CD by Tórshavnar Býráð on William’s 90th birthday. Played by DR String Quartet. In 2022 Tutl digitalised the release. The LP is sold out but the CD is still available as well as the LP booklet with more information about the songs and artworks.

1    Kvøldarlúðurin
2    Merrit
3    Guðs gólv
4    Køkssymfoniin
5    Vøgguvísa
6    Longsul
7    Snilkur
8    Tónleikur uttan av havi
9    Matteus

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link:



Ólavur Jacobsen (composer)
Oddur Jacobsen (composer)
Jóhan Petur Andreasen (composer)
Torben Kjær (producer)
Bjørg Poulsen (vocals, 5)
DR String Quartet (instruments)
William Heinesen (insporation, artworks)

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