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TUTL is releasing the digital version of SKOT by the late Kaj Klein. This album was originally released on cassette only in 1986 by Studio 77 and Pall Arge at Plátubarrin as an instant Faroese rock classic.

An original labour of love, Kaj traded work hours as a sound engineer in ARP studios (Aarhus, Denmark) for recording time. Alongside his late brother Karl Anton Klein, Kaj recorded, mixed and mastered SKOT on his own.

The album is a foundational Faroese rock album and paved the way for a generation of Faroese rock musicians.
Collaborators include Edvard Nyholm Debess (bass), Elin Heinesen (choir), Jákup Olsen (drums), Robert McBirnie (vocals), Anda Jeremiassen (drums) and the late, great Mads (drums/bass). All songs were written or arranged by Kaj.

This marks the third posthumous release by Kaj Klein produced – by popular demand – by his widow Elin Josefina Smith, since his passing in August 2019.

Theodor Kapnas (Studio Bloch) digitalised, mixed and mastered the original cassette tapes.

Released by TUTL, this is the fifth solo album by Kaj Klein. Niels Arge Galàn has adapted the original artwork for this digital release.


1   Búrið
2   Omman
3   Spill ikki mína tíð / Leiðin
4   Women On My Mind
5   Body
6   Heimkoman
7   Susan
8   Kall og svein ungi
9   7 systrar
10 Rasmus
11 Vinnarin
12 Sorgblíða Vestmanna
13 Heimurin

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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