Remedy – Edith Dahl Jakobsen

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Remedy is the second single by Faroese singer/songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen, following her debut single Let the Ship Come In from 2018.

Remedy is in Edith’s words the process of dealing with a difficult relation to another person and how to rise above by not allowing oneself to be controlled. Faroese singer-songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen’s first encounter with song was at church when she was only two years old and since then music has been a part of her everyday life. When writing music, Edith draws on numerous influences from her surroundings such as people, places, nature, art and music.

1. Remedy

Released on the following formats:
Digitally as stream and download on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc.). See the player below (once it has been released), where you can listen to the track.

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