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Edith Dahl Jakobsen


Á Hvør Síni Ferð – Edith Dahl Jakobsen

Third single by Edith Dahl Jakobsen ‘Á Hvør Síni Ferð’ sees her teaming up with the popular Faroese rock-singer Jens Marni Hansen. Tracklist:  ‘Á Hvør Síni Ferð’ Released on the following formats: digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). Check out the track on the player below (once it has been released).


Remedy – Edith Dahl Jakobsen

Remedy is the second single by Faroese singer/songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen, following her debut single Let the Ship Come In from 2018. Remedy is in Edith’s words the process of dealing with a difficult relation to another person and how to rise above by not allowing oneself to be controlled. Faroese singer-songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen’s […]


Let The Ship Come In – Edith Dahl Jakobsen

“Let the Ship Come In” is the first single by Faroese singer/songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen. The song is inspired by the painting Várdagur- skip fara (1937-1938) by the well-known Faroese painter Sámal Joensen-Mikines. Várdagur embodies feelings of emptiness, melancholy and desolation resulting from being left behind when men go to sea. Fine, symmetric lines with […]