On My Way – Sofus Høj

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Production year: 2024
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On My Way – Sofus Høj

1. A Day Arrived
2. On The Way
3. Tey myrku skýggj

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On My Way

Words and music: Sofus Høj, Kim Hansen, Kaj Johannesen

On my way it´s time to stay
Make a stand speak it out one told
With His Word don´t be ashame along
A time you had with no hope in life in His name
Will cope

On the track of his path two came
Reachin out touchin heart bringin hope
On his cross get crusifyed along
As someone goin down tonight don´t beleave

Don´t beleave in hopes and dreams be free
On big city street they play for keeps indeed
Cold as ice roll the dize who´s survies
A man a nation of faith they say here you lost the same

What can I say oh my shame Holy Thee
Will never match so what I got matchis not
Thou he said its forfilled on the cross
Can´t get around that choice we got
Regardless what it’s a clean break cut

A Day Arrived

Words and music: Sofus Høj, Kim Hansen, Kaj Johannesen

A call along a day arrived
His offer where nothing grew was gone
And so from nothing to all
On your own to take that stand to make that

A child was born og Betlehem
A time to rejocin its time
And from nothing to all put faith on Him too
He who took our sin to the cross

And some will also raise again
See him seeking lost it all values
And so in darkness it shines Christmas got light
Seek Him along His Righteousness first
His will be done

A choir sang filled the sky
And get it in mind too His voice
So His hope carry on peace on earth in man
good will He who rescue is salvation got

So The Righteous One came down on earth
Healin teachin brought it back hope too

And so we live for awhile a short breath have
As you longin to live have something to give in an everyday life

And some will also praise again
Livin joyfull got it back values
And so in the darkness it shines His message came through
bewildered lived
A wind of change has come to see it through

Tey myrku skýggj

Words and music: Sofus Høj, Kim Hansen, Kaj Johannesen

Tey myrku skýggj á himli eru
Onki er lív akker úr botni drívi
Og flóti eg
Ella leggi eg í le

At dríva runt sum á opnum havi
Hvør kósin var onga peiling hevði
So eri eg
Og eg eri á veg

Tú stríðið fekst lagt í títt sinni
Ei untist tú meir í millum hini
Í millum fólk
Stappað í ein bólk

Var kósin skeiv nú kumpassin rættað
Tú at flóta um so sjógvarnir bróta
Ja, so eri eg og eg eri á ferð

Tú stríðið fekst lagt í títt sinni
At búnast er við sum í millum hini
Í millum fólk stappað í ein bólk


Composers and Authors

Sofus Høj

(author, composer)

Kim Hansen

(author, composer)

Kaj Johannesen

(author, composer)



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