Lívsins dansur – Bárður á Lakjuni


‘Lívsins dansur’ which was released as a CD and booklet in March 2020 is Bárður’s first solo album.
Originally the publication can be said to be woven together from three different threads: Texts, tones, and pictures/paintings. The texts deal with the deeper things in life so to speak, reflecting on the fragility, the sensitivity, and the mortality which is inevitable for each and everyone of us. The texts also portray the beauty and preciousness of life, where love, light and peace are at the core. Some of the texts deal directly with matters of faith and religious life.
The famous Faroese painter, Sámal Toftanes, has illustrated the booklet with paintings that reflect some of the subjects that the texts deal with.
The CD/album has nine tracks. Seven songs and two recitations. Bárður has written all the texts and all the music – three of the melodies together with Niclas Johannesen. Niclas is the producer and muical coordinator of the musical part of the publication, and furthermore he plays most of the guitars and stringed instruments on the album.
The musical style is maybe not so easy to define, but it can be said to be melodic, melancholic and dramatic in its presentation. It varies in both tempo and tune, but the insrumentation is mostly drums, bass, guitars and string instruments, piano, organs and accordion, and Bárður’s voice is mainly in the lower baritone range. Some critics and reviewers have mentioned that something in the sound bears some resembelance to Leonard Cohen.

1   Lívsins dansur
2   Í cerebrum
3   Trældómur forgeingiligleikans
4   Løtan, lívið og deyðin
5   maður er meir enn materia
6   fóður hevur fylgjur
7   hvat skal eg skriva
8   eg uttan teg
9   afturljóð úr aldingarði

Released on the following formats:
As a book (with poems, paintings and CD) and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).



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