Hví grætur tú – Deiggj

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In “Hví grætur tú” the Earth is crying and letting us know what it takes for her to be happy again. Vocalist Guðrun Sólja Jacobsen is (like the other’s from Deiggj) also from Tvøroyri, Suðuroy. The song ends with her singing “Give the children the Earth back” where a bunch of children then join her and Deiggj singing “Think about tomorrow”.

On February 18th, Deiggj worked on choir arrangements for the song, while streaming the landing of “Perseverance” on March. They then found it suitable to use the applause and cheering from the landing as the intro for the song about the Earth who cries. The lyrics have been laying in a drawer since the 80’s, but is unfortunately still just as relevant.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).


Páll Lave – Electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar
Pætur Mohr Dam – Fender Roads, synth
Fróði Vestergaard – Vocals/choir, acoustic guitar, memotrone
Sverri Heinesen – Bass
Rani H. Christiansen – Drums
Niklas Sjøbæk Jørgensen (Red Lama) – tambourine and more
Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen – Tech
Benjamin Petersen – Recording

Childrens choir:

Emma Gyða Jamesdóttir
Thit Aakerman
Alexandra Ingudóttir Blak
Tinka Tróndardóttir Sørensen
Stella Djurhuus á Neystabø
Ria Arge Jacobsen
Rán Blak Øster
Anny Mikaelsdóttir Blak
Unnur Tróndheim Johansen
Hildur Tróndheim Johansen

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